Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Night Delight: Apotheke, NY

On an oft forgotten street after dark, Albert Trummer succeeded in bringing the spotlight to Chinatown with his sexy cocktails at Apotheke. Hidden away behind the fa├žade of the “Golden Flower Restaurant," enter a space that evokes a bygone era of beautiful spies, the gentlemen who pursue them and the cocktails that define them.

The varied apocathery bottles lining the wall behind the marble bar, framed by tinned ceilings above and sultry lighting create an incredible atmosphere that makes every woman (and man, for that matter) feel super sexy the minute they set foot into this establishment. (To my delight, the absolute whimsy that is the watering can-like faucet in the powder room, helped lighten my initially sour mood, brought on by a very tough day at work).

My experience at a bar or restaurant is often colored by the service. Many a time, a meal or drink is tinged by the dour disposition of a waiter or the indifference of a bartender. Apoteke however, succeeded with its well thought out cocktails and personable service. My mixologist, Esteban, perfectly encapsulated the remedy to my ailment: A concoction of lemon-thyme and gin-vodka infusion, yuzu, champagne and a dash of bitters.

So make your reservations and let Albert and his mixologists know of your inclinations and oh, do say hello if you see me perched at the bar.

Pros: Sexy vibe, friendly and knowledgeable staff and incredibly delectable cocktails and patrons.

Watch out for the incline in the room as you walk towards the powder room, or you are bound to trip in your Manolos.

Apotheke, 9 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013. Tel: (212) 406-0400