Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Sake...

photo: Jui Shih

I was covering an impeccable sake seminar and tasting at Matsuri, the beautiful subterranean Japanese restaurant at the Maritime the other evening. I have had many a fond meals there....ah, but I digress. The sake! Organized by Joto Sake (the founder and his staff were ever so gracious), the event was just...perfect. Artisanal brewers pouring their masterpieces and ever so humbly accepting our compliments....what a difference from the typical pour and score events.

Two days after, my tongue still comforted by the soft and silky smooth taste...I will now turn to one of my favorite haiku writers (a total modernist on the subject) and fellow sake imbiber, Santoka:

Nice inn
mountains all around
sake store in front

"yoi yado de dochira mo yama de mae wa sakaya de"

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