Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Symbolism

via Go Antiques

When I first bought my silver handled crystal Mikasa double-tiered beauty 10 years ago, I had high hopes for domestic bliss but these hopes were largely unfulfilled. The psycho dates were permanently canceled but the dish remained and I have been unable to let go of it, often telling myself, "I'll need it someday to serve finger sandwiches for tea..." That statement in itself, was irrelevant, irrational even. That dish represented to me, a life yet experienced. It sat on a shelf gathering dust.

At dinner, sitting by his antique dining table as he served me spaghetti tossed with truffled butter and clams simmered in a white wine broth, I saw it: A vintage Lenox Greenfield two-tier serving dish cast in cream and framed in gold. It was his grandmother's.

At that not so insignificant moment, I realized that I was ready to let go of mine.

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