Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

"Let me feed you cake!" Victoria's quiet charm was not lost upon me the evening I met her at Macao Trading Company. An invitation followed in the mail, and I was granted access to her coveted Chinatown Cake Club's first salon.

True to form, it had the makings of a cake thriller. The entire event was shrouded in secrecy. The location was not divulged until the day of, and obtaining that required even more steps. Ah, but it could have been no other way! Only true cake aficionados would go the distance.

Artist Cake Series #1: Tribute to Nobuyoshi Araki

When I entered, I thought I had died and gone to cake heaven. Victoria's abode was charming and tastefully decorated. We were served on traditional Chinese tin plates and tea saucers (very shabbic chic!) There was a selection of at least 10 different cakes, each complex, each unique in taste. One that I was particularly fond of was the pandan Charlotte Russe. The pandan creme was not too overpowering and was just the right texture and not too sweet.

It was absolutely lovely. Victoria is a talented baker who succesfully merges flavors to create delectable cakes that are sophisticated and fun.

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