Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sifton on La Grenouille

Christopher Smith for The New York Times

I have been a tad behind in my reading, having been so inundated with holiday shennanigans. However, now that I"m caught up, I must comment about Sifton's review of La Grenouille!

My last visit was on La G's 40th birthday. I haven't been back for one reason: I can't recall the food. How is it that I have no recollection of the meal save the split pea amuse bouche (which, incidentally, is still being served 7 years on)?

Sifton aptly describes my conundrum:

"The crowd is amazing. There are city patricians, upscale travelers, romantics celebrating anniversaries, cads with escort-service friends, priests drinking Burgundy and spooning soup past their dog collars. There is jewelry everywhere, evidence of plastic surgery."

I was too busy watching everyone.

I ended up at La Grenouille as a result of meeting a uber cute Danish guy at a Meatpacking District club. He suggested dinner with him and his friend, and oh, wouldn't I bring a friend along as well? And the locale? La Grenouille.

I suppose it's time to make a second visit and this time, pay attention to the food. :)

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