Friday, January 1, 2010

Baked Day 14: 8 Points and Counting

Baker's Blade for Baguettes at JB Prince

"We forgot to tell you, yesterday you got 2 extra points," Carlos said.

Jesus nodded in enthusiasm. Chitter chatter...

"Jesus say, you get 2 more points today, your rolls is good. But I say no."

Carlos has spoken. Jesus was the guest judge yesterday. And he approved.

It was New Year's Day. The complex was quiet, all the other retailers were closed, save our kitchen. It was great. We were running on a skeleton crew with 3 times the work but I was loving every minute of it. There were no distractions today, no tourists with their cameras clicking away.

The conversations were mostly in Spanish. So conversations go something like this:

Yo something or other...blah blah blah blah..."Muchacha!" (HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!)

Yup, that's what they called me. "Little girl." Not girl, not woman, but little girl. Must be the new bangs I"ve been rockin'.

I don't know what they were saying, but I hope it's all nice stuff.

Mr. Furbie was back. He had disappeared for a good while. This time, he floured my table, had my back, taught me newer techniques. He had attention to detail when it was important, but didn't sweat the small stuff like I did. All my boules had to be perfect. He just shrugged. But when I overworked my dough and I was literally tearing it (and didn't know), he instructed me to do 3 quick rolls and fold to correct.

I'm there to learn and I'm thankful that (almost) everyone was a willing mentor, even the more experienced interns. How can one not thrive in this kind of environment?

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